a durable culture of safety,
that's what we stand for

our brain works in four ways
you develop safety in the workplace as well in four ways


Analysis of safety – system-oriented with focus on the future

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Organisation of safety – system-oriented with focus on the here and now

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Development of safety behaviour – people-oriented with focus on the here and now

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Vision of safety – people-oriented a look at the future

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Samurai at Work wants to inspire you! We are committed as trainers/coaches but also speakers and writers.

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The 4D-brain

Building a successful and sustainable safety culture is a matter of thinking, dreaming, dare and acting. With the 4D safety brain in the back of the head, Samurai at Work promotes the development of safety perception from two major pillars: the behaviour-supporting pillar and the support of technology and organization.

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We want everybody to return home safely. Only talking about safety is not enough. Making sure we act safely is crucial, not evident.

Eric Raedts - Sappi

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